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Having attended my fair share of wedding shows over the past couple of months and of course the huge amount of online wedding sites I follow (my poor boyfriend is getting nervous!!) it’s easy to see some growing trends throughout the industry. Here I have listed some, so you can be at the front of the crowd for all your wedding planning.

The First Look/Touch

This trend grew extremely popular in 2018 and it looks set to continue in 2019. A beautiful idea, where your photographer will capture the moment you first see each other on your wedding day. If you are keen to stick with a more traditional day how about the first touch? This way you get the reassuring hand of your partner just as the nerves are kicking in.

Megan’s Mark(el)

Megan Markel hit headlines around the world last spring and not just because she married Prince Harry! Megan took the unprecedented step and in true independent woman style walked herself up the isle diminishing the traditional approach of being ‘given away’. This trend looks set to explode in 2019 as Brides across Ireland are dusting off their inner Beyoncé and are making their way up the isle to their future life on their own.

Bridesmaid Dresses

A trend looking set to sky rocket this year is non-conformative bridesmaid dresses! With bridal party numbers rising over the past number of years, the idea of having your besties dressed as one at your side seems to be getting a rejig. New trends emerging are showing different coloured & different style dresses to ensure everyone has a colour and style to suit them.

Bridesman & Groomsmaid

The rise of Bridesmen & Groomsmaids continued throughout 2018 and looks set to continue in 2019. Close to your only brother? Have him at your side! A male best friend – don’t leave him out! Your Bridal party are supposed to be your nearest and dearest, traditional roles are now being seen as a guide rather than the rule so why leave them out simply because they don’t fit the traditional way!

Doughnut Walls/ Prosecco Walls

With Krispy Kreme’s opening in Blanchardstown causing headline’s around the world as cars queued to get their hands on some circular goodness, why not branch on this and have a Doughnut Wall at your Wedding Reception. Even better pair it with a Prosecco Wall. This trend has exploded with numerous suppliers now providing this as an extra for your arrival reception.


Foliage set’s to be the trend for all things flowers related this year. With the permanently popular pastel colours being mixed with bright clashing colours and plenty of greenery. This trend has been referred to as ‘bringing the outdoors in’! Think loosely tied, flowing greenery and you are on trend with 2019.


Prosecco Vans, Burger Vans, Ice Cream Vans, Pub Vans – you name it and there’s a van for it. Wedding show’s recently have been inundated recently with these vans, showing this is a rising trend. Perfect for after your Church or Civil Ceremony – these are definitely quirky and different! Here in Lough Rea Hotel & Sa we have our very own – Supermac’s Van. What’s better than a Supermac’s after a night out? Well now you can have Supermac’s at your wedding!

Veils & wait for it….capes!

Yes, you read that right. Long dramatic veils are going nowhere, but online reports suggest ‘The Cape’ is the next big thing for all you trendsetting brides. The Cape is certainly the statement trend of 2019, it’s daring, non-traditional and nobody will expect it!