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Yon-ka Paris

Yon, meaning purifying and energizing river; and Ka, meaning eternity, are the central components to the Yon-ka concept. The products combine nature and science to regenerate, restore harmony and reconcile body and mind. The quintessence is made up of varying concentrations of lavender, rosemary, geranium, thyme and cypress and is present to some extent in all Yon-ka products.

Many of the Yon-ka spa treatments involve aromatic compresses and a warm misting of the five essential oils from the quintessence. Options for facial and body treatments range from firming and slimming to hydrating and detoxifying. These come in the forms of body wraps, masks, peels and massages. The newest of the Yon-ka treatments involves the use of fanned brushes gently grazing the face and upper body followed by a massage and mask, aimed at relieving stress and instilling a sensation of lightness and energy.

Shore Island Spa offers the full range of Yon-Ka products: Cleaners, make up removers, Lotions, soft peels, masks, anti-ageing products, night and day creams, boosting concentrates, Purifiers, clarifiers, moisturisers and lighteners. These exceptional products have been created by using therapeutic, purifying, skin healing and psychotropic properties.